New Day Dawning

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The reason for this blog is simple. We people will meet yet another challenge in todays market. The price of fuel continues to be on the rise and not any real releaf insight.Groceries are on the continous upward move into someone elses price range. The minimum wage is continualy on the rise to meet the cost to survive. The stockmarket is always in fluxuation. The ecomomy is always in a state of panic. Yet we people stand in there and fight the good battle everyday. The cost to raise children has increased so much that around the world couples are only having two children to adapt to the rise in cost. Medical care is continualy on the rise and no releif insight. Yet we move onward into this blissfull state with our eyes closed and mouth shut. The constsolation we receave is now people are living longer and getting older if you can afford it. Now in good conscience I would not be so bold as to say that the world is going to change for the better anytime soon. I will say that people have continualy met challenges in the past and over come them to make the future better in their life time. I think this time technology will be the answer we are looking for to offer relief to our economic woes. I think there is continous research to make our world a better place to live and we will overcome and adapt to insure that we will survive in this new day dawning. I think that to survive the on going fuel crisis people will use their computors more to shop and pay debts and to run more of their daily routines. I fore see that the computors are goinig to move from bedrooms and back rooms to the front room. The new funiture will support that a normal coffie table will house a keyboard and mouse. The monitor will be were the T.V. once set and the telephone will then be non exsitance resource. The news and valueable information is already on the net for your veiwing ,and they already have web t.v. . Prepare for the near future now and don't be left behind in the stuggle to keep up. Technogy is the future embrace it and accept it for you will need it more and more.
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